Saturday, December 11, 2010

EDUCATION on Right Auto Insurance Coverage

At one point in driving history auto insurance was optional. Today, it is mandated in every state in the country. Driving without valid proof of auto insurance can mean a large fine. Making sure that there is adequate auto insurance coverage for a vehicle today is also very important for other reasons.

With the high amount of traffic on the road there are more accidents. Auto insurance provides physical and medical protection in the event of a car accident. However, not all auto insurance coverage is created equally. There are different levels of insurance, and today, many different price ranges. How does one pick their way through the confusing waters of auto insurance?

Choosing the right auto insurance coverage can be easy when a person is armed with the right information. Today's insurance market is flooded with companies that are offering very low rates and customizable insurance packages. Several companies, and internet insurance agencies, have changed the way that people buy car insurance. So, with all of these options, how does someone choose the right coverage?

Two Main Types of Auto Insurance

Before stepping foot into an insurance agency, or looking online at the different options, one must be familiar with the two main types of auto insurance. The first is the basic type of insurance that is required by law. The second is a more comprehensive insurance package with a higher level of protection.

Liability Auto Insurance

By law, every car in the country must be covered with a Liability Coverage. This coverage is basically for the "other person". This type of coverage is to protect you personally if the accident is your fault. If there is any type of physical damage or personal injury, this protection kicks in. There are large deductibles that can be associated with this type of insurance.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

For a more complete auto insurance coverage policy, a comprehensive package is the option to choose. This type of insurance type covers the car owner from not only accidents, but theft, fire, and vandalism. It can be customized as to the amount of deductible you pay. It is important to note that the higher the deductible the lower the premium.

Other Options Available

Besides these two main types of auto insurance, there are a few others that may be suitable for specific circumstances. Drivers can choose from uninsured motorist protection, personal injury protection, and even rental insurance.

Factors in Choosing

Armed with this information, there are two main factors to help you choose the right auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. First, you should look at your budget. If you can not afford a comprehensive insurance package, you will at least need to have the liability insurance. Another factor is the amount of driving that you will actually be doing. Living in a rural area of the country may mean more driving time, but less traffic. Consider these two factors and then talk with the insurance agent about what is best for your needs.